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Manos Juntas Group
Study Break Dec. 8, 2006 - Seated: Esperanza Francisco, Jessica Castillo, Brandon Blewett, Anna Thomas, Blake Samper
Standing: Dr. Silvio Litovsky, DeeDee Bruns, Dr. Lourdes Sanchez-Lopez, Dr. Jewell Halanych, Dr. Sheri Spaine Long, Dr. Graciela Alarcon, Dr. Patricia DeVilliers, Ann Smith, Maria Norena

Study Break April 28, 2006 - Seated: Dr. Jose Fernandez, Dr. Sheri Spaine Long, Dr. Isabel Scarinci, Dr. Graciela Alarcon
Standing: Ruben Rosales, Freddie Jimenez, Dr. Jewell Halanych, Jose Tron, Ana Maria Santiago, Boris Simmonds, Dr. Maribel Salas, Jennifer Sovero, Dr. Vivian Pijuan-Thompson, Blake Samper, Jessica Castillo

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Manos Juntas

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UAB Hispanic/ Latino Mentoring Program

The purpose of this program shall be to establish a partnership between faculty and Hispanic/Latino students to foster education, research, and service focusing on Hispanics/Latinos in Alabama. As part of this effort, UAB faculty members (not necessary of Hispanic/Latino background) volunteer their time to mentor and provide guidance to Hispanic/Latino students to successfully complete college and pursue post-college education.
MANOS JUNTAS: UAB HISPANIC/ LATINO MENTORING PROGRAM As part of this mentorship program, Hispanic/Latino students have the opportunity to work closely with faculty to enhance their academic experience/expertise and plan their professional career.

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• Be Hispanic/Latino (self-identification)
• Be enrolled at UAB as an undergraduate student

• Be interested in Hispanic/Latino issues
• Be committed to mentor at least one undergraduate student for the entire academic year
• Be a UAB faculty member (part-time or full-time)

• Opportunity to get to know a UAB faculty member one on one who is not your classroom teacher
• Opportunity to discuss academic issues with a faculty member who has been through this process
• Opportunity to get involved in research (if available through the mentor)
• Opportunity to get involved in outreach activities (if available through the mentor)


Delores Carlito AT (205) 934-6364 ( OR
Ann Smith AT (205) 934-9903 ( )